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Found 18 dumps.
  namerace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depthvariant updatedby
12291130Melkor's BudHigh-Elf Ancient Master29169,290  FuryBand 1.0.14 comments30.9.2005
11741500Combat The Fury IVHalf-Titan Weaponsmith30278,128  Hengband 1.6.06 comments25.7.2005
106748Dr. FuryRed Dragon Ninja32433,445  FuryMod Town1 comment13.8.2005 13:19
81597Fightin' FuryRohanKnight Swordmaster402,631,120  FuryMod Town1 comment10.8.2005 12:34
7629318Mighty The Fury VDraconian Berserker424,451,489  Hengband 1.6.013 comments28.7.2005
63445SmashTroll Mutant Berserker477,680,095  FuryMod Town2 comments19.8.2005
368163Mighty The FuryCyclops Berserker5010,977,563  Entroband 1.7.137 comments19.11.2005
17661181The Fury the PaladinEthereal Dragon Paladin121,941  Theme 1.1.31 comment14.7.2005 22:11
176498The FuryHalf-Titan Chaos-Warrior122,555  RandomBand 0.4.15 comments2.12.2005 02:25
1429851The FuryRed Dragon2632,891  PosBand 0.3.0-alpha21 comment26.11.2005
1194410The FuryHigh-Elf Warrior30165,786  Kangband 2.9.31 comment1.12.2005 19:57
122642138The Fury VIIIRohanKnight Polearmmaster29191,266  ToME 2.3.22 comments8.8.2005 13:11
10873119ShooterWood-Elf Bowman32265,628  FuryBand 2.0.01 comment21.10.2005 14:10
107279The Fury 2High-Elf Swordmaster32391,905  FuryMod Town2 comments18.8.2005
988637The Fury CIVGreen Dragon Ninja34736,841  Fury 2.3.03 comments20.7.2005
71376Jedi FuryRohanKnight Jedi445,182,658  FuryMod Town1 comment7.9.2005 14:34
554076SmasherEthereal Dragon Berserker4912,734,970  FuryBand 1.1.03 comments4.10.2005 21:08
22164The Fury EagleEagle Mutant Berserker5080,782,122  FuryBand 2.0.0t8 comments7.11.2005


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