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Angband lives

Several bugs that could occur while playing and spectating have been fixed, along with general maintenance, and a FAQ has been added.

One new variant, AlexAngband, which features a house shared by everyone on the server, and a shop that players can use to sell items to each other

Merry Christmas to all our users - Good Luck, Have Fun, Don't Die

New offerings

Some new things:

An SSL certificate

A forum for site discussion and feedback: https://forum.angband.live/

A new wiki for angband and its kin: https://wiki.angband.live/

And another Gigabyte of RAM for the server!

Special thanks to all members who have supported the site with donations. Happy adventuring!

New server

We have completed a move to a new server with superior capabilities

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Site upgrades and bugfixes

Major new site features since the last newspost include a versioning system with back versions of Angband as far as 2.9.3, and a new system for customising subwindow panel layouts. Most variants on the site do not support this feature, which comes from poschengband, but it has already been ported to Angband, its back versions, Kangband, and Tome2. Angband 2.9.3 and Kangband were also modified to allow larger active terminals (for perhaps the first time).

We are also celebrating the release of Angband 4.2.0, featuring perhaps the most comprehensive changes to the game in a single update in the game's history.

Whether you prefer Angband new or old*, variant or vanilla, we attempt to cater to all preferences.

*thus far only the present century

Site refurbishment

Angband Live lives on! A large amount of work has been done recently on fixing bugs and increasing the stability of the server, and we're finally on top of things enough to update the news page

There is more work to be done and more features we'd like to add (versioning system for all variants!). Gwarl now has a Patreon account where you can support his work on developing the site.

Welcome to brand new angband.live!

We are very proud to announce that we have done a great work to upgrade angband.live. While the total aesthetics remained the same, a lot of new stuff has been added:

  • new informative main page that have separate "news" section and awesome background
  • game play page was extracted to its own URL /play
  • no more rows/columns setting - game area will automatically take all available space based on browser's width/height, selected font family and selected font size settings
  • new and more performant database engine under the hood
  • everything is now hosted on a new server

For future we have a lot of plans for even more fun stuff and functionality, but for now if you encounter any bugs please inform Gwarl or kt about them.

Happy playing!