Angband is a dungeon crawling roleplaying game of the roguelike type. It was created in 1990 at the University of Warwick based on the source code for the Unix version of Moria, and released to the public in 1993 as version 2.4.frog-knows. The game has had a series of different maintainers and has remained in continuous development. Since 2013 the game has been maintained by Nick and the latest release is 4.2.5.

Angband variants are a family of similar games created by modifying the source code of Angband or another variant, made possible by the game's permissive license and well organised code. There are dozens of such games created over the decades, some of which have rivalled the popularity and complex history of Angband itself.

Angband Live is a platform for playing Angband and its variants online in the browser and spectating live games. Multiple historical versions and many variants are available to play online for free. The site also hosts the Angband ladder, a platform for posting character sheets, and the Angband forums which are the main centre for online discussions about the game and its variants.

This site was created by Gwarl with significant contributions from kt.

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SPHARAGAIN won angband 4.2.5
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Angband 4.2.5 19 August 2023
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