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Found 18 dumps.
  namerace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depthvariant updatedby
22164The Fury EagleEagle Mutant Berserker5080,782,122  FuryBand 2.0.0t8 comments7.11.2005
367863Mighty The FuryCyclops Berserker5010,977,563  Entroband 1.7.137 comments19.11.2005
553676SmasherEthereal Dragon Berserker4912,734,970  FuryBand 1.1.03 comments4.10.2005 21:08
63385SmashTroll Mutant Berserker477,680,095  FuryMod Town2 comments19.8.2005
71306Jedi FuryRohanKnight Jedi445,182,658  FuryMod Town1 comment7.9.2005 14:34
7622318Mighty The Fury VDraconian Berserker424,451,489  Hengband 1.6.013 comments28.7.2005
81527Fightin' FuryRohanKnight Swordmaster402,631,120  FuryMod Town1 comment10.8.2005 12:34
987937The Fury CIVGreen Dragon Ninja34736,841  Fury 2.3.03 comments20.7.2005
106678Dr. FuryRed Dragon Ninja32433,445  FuryMod Town1 comment13.8.2005 13:19
107209The Fury 2High-Elf Swordmaster32391,905  FuryMod Town2 comments18.8.2005
10866119ShooterWood-Elf Bowman32265,628  FuryBand 2.0.01 comment21.10.2005 14:10
11734500Combat The Fury IVHalf-Titan Weaponsmith30278,128  Hengband 1.6.06 comments25.7.2005
1193710The FuryHigh-Elf Warrior30165,786  Kangband 2.9.31 comment1.12.2005 19:57
122572138The Fury VIIIRohanKnight Polearmmaster29191,266  ToME 2.3.22 comments8.8.2005 13:11
12284130Melkor's BudHigh-Elf Ancient Master29169,290  FuryBand 1.0.14 comments30.9.2005
1429151The FuryRed Dragon2632,891  PosBand 0.3.0-alpha21 comment26.11.2005
176418The FuryHalf-Titan Chaos-Warrior122,555  RandomBand 0.4.15 comments2.12.2005 02:25
17653181The Fury the PaladinEthereal Dragon Paladin121,941  Theme 1.1.31 comment14.7.2005 22:11


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