The Angband Ladder: Raonnor, Elf Paladin by <>

  [ToME 2.2.3 Character Dump]

 Name  : Raonnor                Age                123       STR:     13       
 Sex   : Male                   Height             114       INT:     19       
 Race  : Elf                    Weight              96       WIS:     24       
 Class : Paladin                Social Class        39       DEX:     15       
 Body  : Player                                              CON:     13       
 God   : Tulkas                                              CHR:     14       
 + To Melee Hit           9 Level             25    Max Hit Points       124   
 + To Melee Damage       38 Experience     22900    Cur Hit Points        -7   
 + To Ranged Hit         26 Max Exp        22900    Max SP (Mana)         87   
 + To Ranged Damage       0 Exp to Adv.    24500    Cur SP (Mana)         41   
   AC                 40+-4 Gold           14026    Piety               3255   
                         (Miscellaneous Abilities)                             
 Fighting    : Superb       Perception  : Bad          Blows/Round:  2         
 Bows/Throw  : Superb       Searching   : Fair         Shots/Round:  2         
 Saving Throw: Fair         Disarming   : Poor         Mel.dmg/Rnd:  4d5+76    
 Stealth     : Bad          Magic Device: Heroic       Infra-Vision: 50 feet   
                                                       Tactic:       berserker 
                                                       Explor:       running   
                         (Character Background)                                
          You are the only child of a Nandorin Ranger.  You have               
          light green eyes, straight brown hair, and a fair                    

  [Miscellaneous information]

 Cth monsters:         OFF
 Z-like monsters:      OFF
 Joke monsters:        OFF
 Maximize mode:        ON
 Preserve Mode:        ON
 Autoscum:             ON
 Small Levels:         ON
 Arena Levels:         ON
 Always unusual rooms: OFF
 Persistent Dungeons:  OFF

 Recall Depth:
        Barrow-Downs: Level 4 (200')
        Orc Cave: Level 18 (900')
        A lost temple: Level 5 (250')

 Your body was a Player.
 You have defeated 1553 enemies.
 You saved one princess.

 You started your adventure the 43rd Yavie of the 2890th year of the third age.
 You ended your adventure the 53rd Yavie of the 2890th year of the third age.
 Your adventure lasted 10 days.

     Your Attributes:
You are dead, killed by a Forest troll Chieftain on level 18 of Orc Cave.
You can feel the danger of evil magic.
Your eyes are sensitive to infrared light.
You levitate just over the ground.
You have free action.
You have normal luck.
You are carrying a permanent light.
You are resistant to bright light.
You are resistant to confusion.
Your intelligence is affected by your equipment.
Your wisdom is affected by your equipment.
Your searching ability is affected by your equipment.
Your infravision is affected by your equipment.
Your digging ability is affected by your equipment.
Your attack speed is affected by your equipment.

Skills (points left: 0)
 - Combat                                        16.400 [0.800]
          . Weaponmastery                        29.800 [0.800]
          . Barehand-combat                      00.000 [0.900]
 . Sneakiness                                    01.000 [0.900]
 - Magic                                         15.364 [0.900]
          . Magic-Device                         23.050 [1.050]
          . Spell-power                          00.000 [0.600]
 - Spirituality                                  06.700 [1.000]
          . Prayer                               29.000 [1.400]
          . Mindcraft                            25.200 [0.600]
 . Monster-lore                                  00.000 [0.500]

 * Extra Max Blow(1)
 * Perfect casting


You may find a Sling on level 1.
You are fated to meet an Insect swarm on level 3.

  [Character Equipment]

a) a Scimitar of Extra Attacks (2d5) (+3,+5) (+1 attack)
d) The Sling of Farmer Maggot (x2) (+20,+0) (+2) {100% off}
e) a Ring of Levitation {cursed}
f) a Ring of Damage (+18)
    You bought it from the Black Market.
k) an Indestructible Amulet of Brilliance (+5)
    It provides light (radius 1)
    forever.  It increases your intelligence and wisdom by 5.  It cannot
    be harmed by acid, cold, lightning or fire.  
    You bought it from the Rare Jewelry Shop.
m) a Dwarven Lantern
n) Bronze Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [30,+16] {100% off}
    It can be activated for 
    breathe confusion (120) every 90+d90 turns if it is being worn. It
    provides resistance to confusion.  It allows you to fly.  It cannot be
    harmed by acid, cold, lightning or fire.  
o) a Cloak [1,-1]
p) (nothing)
s) an Iron Helm [5,+0]
u) a Set of Leather Gloves of Free Action [1,+5]
x) a Pair of Hard Leather Boots [3,+0]
z) (nothing)
{) (nothing)
|) a Shovel (1d2) (+0,+0) (+1)
    It increases your ability to
    tunnel by 1.  

  [Character Inventory]

a) a Spellbook of Divine Aim
b) a Spellbook of Stone Skin
c) The Tome of Elven Household Magic
    It can be activated for teleport (range 100) every 45
    You found it in the remains of a Hill orc on level 17 of Orc Cave.
d) a Mushroom of Cure Serious Wounds
e) 16 Mushrooms of Cure Serious Wounds {!E!d!v!k}
f) 2 Rations of Food
g) a Lembas
h) a Potion of Slow Poison
i) a Potion of Berserk Strength
j) 3 Potions of Cure Serious Wounds
k) a Potion of Cure Critical Wounds
l) a Scroll of Word of Recall
m) a Wand of Manathrust[1|15] (10 charges)
n) a Wand of Noxious Cloud[1|25] (11 charges)
o) a Wand of Magelock[1|15] (9 charges)
p) a Ring of Invisibility
q) Ring Mail of Resist Cold (-2) [12,+2]
r) (nothing)
s) (nothing)
t) (nothing)
u) (nothing)
v) (nothing)
w) (nothing)

  [Home Inventory - Bree ]

a) a Spellbook of Shake
b) a Spellbook of Stone Prison
c) The Box of Many Wonders
    can be activated for remove fear and cure poison every 5 turns.  
    You found it lying on the ground on level 2 of Barrow-Downs.
d) 4 Rations of Food
e) 2 Potions of Cure Light Insanity
f) a Wand of Fireflash[1|15] (6 charges)
g) a Ring of Slow Digestion
h) an Amulet of Lightning Resistance
    provides resistance to electricity.  It cannot be harmed by
    You bought it from the Magic shop.
i) a Parchment - Adventurer's Guide to Middle-earth

Posted on 22.11.2003 21:50
Last updated on 23.11.2003 15:00

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On 22.11.2003 21:50 wrote:
Quite a good combo... the low Str is annoying at lower levels, but decent failures rates at spellcasting is very useful for a warrior-mindcrafter with Stone realm.
Did my first lost temple: a true nightmare, but i think it was supposed to be so.
Can hardly wait to try Divine Aim + Stone Skin + Carachter Armor on some high level unique...

On 23.11.2003 15:00 wrote:
Another good character dead in a stupid way...
I *knew* there was no point in hitting another time that stupid troll.

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