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  • backwardsEric
    • Aug 2019
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    Originally posted by eschiss1
    Edit: really, I'd as soon find out how to do a nice clean uninstall, and then I can reinstall this port which should fix things.
    What's needed for a clean uninstall will depend on what front end you're using. With the Mac front end, you would remove the installed application, remove ~/Documents/Angband which has the save files and other user-generated data, and run

    defaults delete org.rephial.angband
    from a terminal to clear the saved settings for the front end. For the curses/X11/SDL/SDL2 front ends, what's needed will depend on how it was configured and built. For a no install build with private user files, remove the directory where Angband was built and ~/.angband/Angband . For the Windows front end, I believe you can get a clean uninstall by removing the directory that was created by unpacking the .zip file for the Windows release (i.e. Angband-4.2.5 for Angband 4.2.5).