The Angband Ladder: Gwitram, Half-Ogre Sorceror by <>

  [ToME 2.2.5 Character Dump]

 Name  : Gwitram                Age                 44       STR:     11       
 Sex   : Female                 Height              74       INT:     21       
 Race  : Half-Ogre              Weight             151       WIS:     12       
 Class : Sorceror               Social Class        23       DEX:     11       
 Body  : Player                                              CON:     17       
 God   : Tulkas                                              CHR:     14       
 + To Melee Hit           0 Level             18    Max Hit Points        97   
 + To Melee Damage        2 Experience      5322    Cur Hit Points       -24   
 + To Ranged Hit         -4 Max Exp         5322    Max SP (Mana)        168   
 + To Ranged Damage       0 Exp to Adv.     5760    Cur SP (Mana)        168   
   AC                  6+11 Gold           44974    Piety                395   
                         (Miscellaneous Abilities)                             
 Fighting    : Fair         Perception  : Bad          Blows/Round:  1         
 Bows/Throw  : Bad          Searching   : Bad          Shots/Round:  1         
 Saving Throw: Fair         Disarming   : Fair         Mel.dmg/Rnd:  1d4+2     
 Stealth     : Bad          Magic Device: Very Good    Infra-Vision: 30 feet   
                                                       Tactic:       normal    
                                                       Explor:       running   
                         (Character Background)                                
          Your mother was an Ogre, but it is unacknowledged.  You are          
          the adopted child of a Townsman.  You are a credit to the            
          family.  You have brown eyes, straight auburn hair, and an           
          average complexion.                                                  

  [Miscellaneous information]

 Cth monsters:         OFF
 Z-like monsters:      OFF
 Joke monsters:        OFF
 Maximize mode:        ON
 Preserve Mode:        ON
 Autoscum:             ON
 Small Levels:         ON
 Arena Levels:         ON
 Always unusual rooms: OFF
 Persistent Dungeons:  OFF

 Recall Depth:
        Barrow-Downs: Level 10 (500')
        Orc Cave: Level 10 (500')
        The Old Forest: Level 13 (650')

 Your body was a Player.
 You have defeated 374 enemies.
 You saved 10 princesses.

 You started your adventure the 43rd Yavie of the 2890th year of the third age.
 You ended your adventure the 44th Yavie of the 2890th year of the third age.
 Your adventure lasted 1 day.

     Your Attributes:
You are dead, killed by a Gnome mage on level 10 of Orc Cave.
You can teleport yourself short distances.
You can set explosive runes.
You are poisoned.
Your eyes are sensitive to infrared light.
You have free action.
You have normal luck.
You are resistant to darkness.
Your strength is sustained.
Your wisdom is sustained.
Your intelligence is affected by your equipment.
Your wisdom is affected by your equipment.

Skills (points left: 0)
 . Sneakiness                                    01.000 [0.900]
 - Magic                                         24.590 [1.000]
          . Magic-Device                         02.000 [1.000]
          . Spell-power                          22.800 [0.600]
          . Sorcery                              22.700 [0.700]
          . Mana                                 00.000 [0.600]
                   . Fire                        00.000 [0.700]
                   . Water                       00.000 [0.700]
                   . Air                         00.000 [0.700]
                   . Earth                       00.000 [0.700]
          . Meta                                 00.000 [0.700]
          . Conveyance                           00.000 [0.700]
          . Divination                           00.000 [0.700]
          . Temporal                             00.000 [0.700]
          . Mind                                 00.000 [0.700]
          . Nature                               00.000 [0.700]
          . Necromancy                           00.000 [0.900]
          . Runecraft                            05.400 [0.900]
          . Thaumaturgy                          05.400 [0.900]
 - Spirituality                                  01.000 [0.550]
          . Prayer                               00.000 [0.500]
 . Monster-lore                                  00.000 [0.500]

 * Perfect casting

  [Character Equipment]

a) a Mage Staff (1d4) (+4,+6)
d) (nothing)
e) a Ring of Intelligence (+4)
    It increases your intelligence
     by 4.  
    You bought it from the Black Market.
f) a Ring of Invisibility
k) (nothing)
m) a Brass Lantern (with 11110 turns of light)
    It provides light (radius 2) when
    fueled.  It cannot be harmed by fire.  
n) (nothing)
o) (nothing)
p) (nothing)
s) a Metal Cap of Wisdom [3,+2] (+1)
u) a Set of Leather Gloves of Free Action [1,+5]
x) a Pair of Soft Leather Boots of Jumping [2,+4]
z) (nothing)
{) (nothing)
|) Portable hole

  [Character Inventory]

a) a Book of Beginner Cantrips
b) a Spellbook of Identify
c) a Rune [Self]
d) The Skull of Ancient Wisdom
    It can be activated for 
    teleport (range 100) every 45 turns.  
    You found it lying on the ground on level 7 of Barrow-Downs.
e) Jor's Buckler of Missile Attraction
    It can be
    activated for satisfy hunger.  
    You found it in the remains of a Hill orc Shaman on level 10 of Orc Cave.
f) 3 Scrolls of Word of Recall
g) (nothing)
h) (nothing)
i) (nothing)
j) (nothing)
k) (nothing)
l) (nothing)
m) (nothing)
n) (nothing)
o) (nothing)
p) (nothing)
q) (nothing)
r) (nothing)
s) (nothing)
t) (nothing)
u) (nothing)
v) (nothing)
w) (nothing)

  [Home Inventory - Bree ]

a) Balrilbon's Bag of Wondrous Tricks
    It can be activated for stat loss.  
    You found it lying on the ground on level 8 of Barrow-Downs.
b) a Scroll of *Identify*
c) a Shovel (+1)
    increases your ability to tunnel by 1.  

Posted on 12.1.2004 19:33

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On 12.1.2004 19:33 wrote:
*sigh* She was a good sorceress. Got killed when I was recalling back to orc dungeon and pressed '5' to get time pass. Pressed too long and a bunch of gnome mages beat her to death.

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