So, I added auto-explore to Angband..

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  • backwardsEric
    There's two minor interface or documentation issues:

    1. In the rogue-like keyset, 'X' is already in use for 'use an item' so you'd want to assign a different key than 'X' in the rogue-like keyset for navigating to a down staircase.
    2. The new keys should be mentioned in lib/help/commands.txt, lib/help/r_comm.txt, and docs/playing.rst.

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  • memmaker
    started a topic So, I added auto-explore to Angband..

    So, I added auto-explore to Angband..

    I am now ready to receive the wrath of the dev team :P

    But, really, maybe you guys should give this a try, it's not as bad as some people make it out to be.

    A free, single-player roguelike dungeon exploration game - File not found memmaker/angbandX

    For me, it made the tedious Shift-Running obsolete. And it wasn't really working on my laptop anyways, since the diagonals always gave me trouble.

    Now exploring feels fun again.

    DISCLAIMER: I take absolutely no responsibility for any character deaths that could result from using this code.