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Message Recall (0-19 of 78), Offset 0                                           
Looks like any other level.                                                     
You enter a maze of up staircases.                                              
Generation restarted (too many objects) <3x>                                    
Looks like any other level.                                                     
You are wearing Hard Leather Armour (-1) [6,+0] (n).                            
You are wielding a Short Sword (1d7) (+0,+0) (a).                               
You hear a door burst open! <3x>                                                
You hit the Ranger. <2x>                                                        
The Ranger blinks away.                                                         
Select a point and press space.                                                 
I see no down staircase here.                                                   
I see no up staircase here.                                                     
I see no down staircase here.                                                   
I see no up staircase here.                                                     
You teleport to dungeon level 0.                                                
Well done ! You reached the town ! You can now go down again.                   
Character dump successful.                                                      
Hum, blinking there will take time.                                             
Character dump failed!                                                          
Character dump successful.                                                      
[Press 'p' for older, 'n' for newer, ..., or ESCAPE]                            
Out of Mandos at 0 exp!
Not much to look at but this is the message list after I got out of mandos as a lost soul DM possessor having 0 exp, courtesy of a straight road vault. Well, that is unusual.... quite a near death experience too... :)

Posted on 13.1.2003 02:15

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Prirectred, L50 DeathMold Possessor


On 13.1.2003 02:18 wrote:
stupid I didn't fetch something first, but running from great wyrms of Power at the time. Stupid I didn't take a screenshot of the vault, but was scared &%$#less at the time.

On 7.4.2003 14:36 wrote:
Way to go, the Halls of Mandos are deadly nice to here you got out!

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