Competition No.188

Starts:April 18th, 2016 11:00
Ends:May 6th, 2016 11:00 (ended)
Variant:Quickband 2.0.6
Save file:Download starting save file
Quickband is 12 levels of rapidly increasing danger followed by a quick death to Saruman.

Snorlax the Sage is having a down week. That is, he can only walk downwards.

Competition winner is the game winner in least turns, or if no game winner the maximum experience/turns.

Quickband 2.0.6 is available as source and for windows and for OS X.

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1Snorlaxativeranger jeffMaia Sage35511,066427,086127 comments4.5.2016 22:56 updated
2SnottySalmonThraalbeeMaia Sage34384,162318,627118 comments1.5.2016 13:04
3Snorlaxranger jeffMaia Sage31138,354341,676101 comment30.4.2016 04:47 updated
4SnorlaxThraalbeeMaia Sage31150,023376,578115 comments30.4.2016 10:57
5SnotShot2ThraalbeeMaia Sage2631,778190,03191 comment1.5.2016 20:03 updated
6SnorlaxbronMaia Sage184,926112,81851 comment6.5.2016 02:43
7SnorlaxShadowTechnologyMaia Sage1081152,34932 comments21.4.2016 05:36
8Snorlax3ShadowTechnologyMaia Sage1076856,12831 comment22.4.2016 05:57 updated
9SnorlaxdeboMaia Sage1196682,59933 comments24.4.2016 00:58 updated

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