500 Internal Server Error when posting to the forum

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  • fruviad
    • Jan 2011
    • 72

    500 Internal Server Error when posting to the forum

    Just an FYI...

    When I posted this: angband.live/forums/forum/angband/vanilla/248854-morgoth-dropping-the-one-ring

    I got an Internal Server Error. The post was successful, though.

    Thought I'd mention it in case others have reported similar issues and you want to dig through the logs to find a cause. The post was successful, which is good, but I can see someone not realizing that the first post worked and trying again, thereby creating a duplicate post.
  • Gwarl
    • Jan 2017
    • 1025

    It's some strange result of having the forums hosted at angband.live rather than a subdomain like forums.angband.live which I was never able to discover the cause of. The same issue sometimes means moderators/admins have to log in to the mod/admin section twice. Nobody seems to have noticed but if you click on the home icon beneath the home tab it takes you a different URL which everyone should ignore. It's some artifact of the inner workings of vBulletin which are too obfuscated for me to make sense of.

    The advantages of doing it this way and hosting the forum on the same domain as angband live are being able to use the same SSL certificate for both sites and significant gains in SEO (oook ranked a lot higher than angband.live and google has figured out it's been replaced and let me piggyback on the position in search results)

    I'm currently in a foreign country with only mobile internet access and no power for around 12 hours a day for the next two weeks, good to see things are (mostly) working still.