BOSS has reincarnated with a v3.0 update

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  • getter77
    • Dec 2009
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    BOSS has reincarnated with a v3.0 update Original post by PlunderBunny

    I would like to invite you all to play beta test my new roguelike - BOSS (version 3.0). It has been in development (on and off) for almost 10 years.

    BOSS was originally a variant of Moria, that I played while at University in the 1990s on the VAX/VMS mainframe. Versions have been ported to other platforms, but there has been no development for more than a decade. BOSS v3.0 is a re-write that uses some of the original data and algorithms, but has many new features. It should be a more causal experience than Moria/Angband, despite its heritage, and hopefully it distinguishes itself with its humour.

    This is (hopefully) a beta in the original sense - it is feature complete, and all known bugs have been fixed.

    You can download BOSS 3.0 in 64-bit versions for Windows, macOS and Linux (self-contained .net console applications):

    I have not been able to test the Windows and Linux ARM versions. If anyone really wants a 32-bit version for Windows or Linux, I can make one.

    If you have any suggestions, comments or issues, please feel free to post here or email me directly: richard.drysdall at iCloud dot com.

    Thanks, and enjoy!