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  • OmniNegro
    • Jul 2014
    • 30

    Borg stuff.

    This thread is intended to serve as a placeholder for the many current threads that have Borg stuff. This is to make it easier for the players who want to use the Borg features to find the answers to their questions, and to have a single place to post bug reports and to discuss things they want to see changed about Borg. Please add threads as you see fit. Remember you can always edit your posts later if things seem to get out of hand.

    My 4.2.5 borgs more often than not start hit some sort of crash 'wall' where they will just stop, nothing out of the ordinary is posted to messages or borg_messages, and the game crashes after about 1-2 seconds. I can't even quickly move or otherwise intervene to avoid a crash. I reload and try to go to a different level in

    Borg seems to love them some arrows. He buys up to 50 every time in town. Is there a way to make him bulk buy instead of 1 at a time?

    I used to have the APW Borg screensaver back in the day - its salient feature was automatic respawning after death. Thus far, I have not been able to figure out how to get the 4.5 Borg to do the same thing. So when it dies - which it still does quickly - I have to (n)ew game, (n)ew character, @. ^z, y, y, z to get the Borg

    I know there are many more. Please do not wait on me. If you know the threads that Borg players will want to read, link them here.
  • R3g3n3X
    • Mar 2024
    • 3

    Thanks for making this thread. I have so much need to discuss the borg behavior and figure out what I can do to remedy it but I don't want to clog up the forums.

    I'm about to shelf the whole dang thing after seeing my current borg not just drop, or put in my house, but SELL (and get no cash for) VILYA for a ring of flames. I NEED to tell it to not replace gear that I deem necessary. I also NEED to tell it to not flow toward digable treasure. Ever. But I'd love to just be able to leave it running without random crashes, halts, or other process-stopping behavior. I understand that we just got the borg going again, so it's a matter of patience as well.

    Is it a better idea to hunt down a different version of the game to get a more optimized borg? Is there even a consensus on which borg performs the least worst?


    • Gwarl
      • Jan 2017
      • 1021

      I ran the old 3.4.1 borg for a bit I didn't watch but it got pretty far. Example:


      • R3g3n3X
        • Mar 2024
        • 3

        Yeah, I'm looking up Vanilla and Borg version histories to see where the sweet spot for each being the most updated is. The April 2019 borg update post is tagged 341 so I'm guessing that's as far as vanilla borg updates go. Also going to look a bit into Zangband borg since after poking around a bit I think that's really what I cut my teeth on decades ago. This will hopefully sate my need to backseat drive for now while the new maintainers and borg dev work their magic.


        • agoodman
          • Jan 2011
          • 60

          If you want to contribute to borg code, right now I have a fork which I can give you permissions to (or I might have made it public... I forget). I try to push up to the main Angband code as often as I feel isn't too disruptive. You can create pull requests if you want me to look at your code or create your own branch push stuff directly to the main Angband github repository and Nick or Eric will look at it. While I am currently "the borg dev", it is not a position I will fight for if someone else wants it. A lot of what I have been doing lately is trying to get the code into a shape where someone else can jump in and understand it.
          If you are writing up bugs, either here or on GitHub, be as specific as possible and, if you can, include a savefile that duplicates the issue. It would also be nice if you were running off of the latest code rather than the latest release... the most recent binary release was the initial "I just got borg running for 4x" it is very beta and very buggy.
          At some point I hope to make a web page with the latest binary on it like DrA used to but I haven't gotten around to it and, while the latest borg code is better, it hasn't even solved all the issues listed here.