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  • Zorbus
    • Jun 2019
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    The game is now available on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/2125420/Zorbus/.

    Release 56 (14-Sep-2022)
    • The game can now be found on Steam.
      • Steam version has currently 20 achievements: https://steamcommunity.com/stats/2125420/achievements.
      • You can take screenshots to game library with F12.
      • Possible future tournaments can be played with the Steam version only.
      • Steam overlay is not possible because the game doesn't use DirectX or OpenGL.
    • Changed some of the default keybindings:
      • Screenshot: from [CTRL] + [F5] to [F12].
      • Mapshot: from [CTRL] + [F6] to [CTRL] + [F12].
      • Quickslot manager: from [F12] to [CTRL] + [ENTER] or [DEL].
      • Item compare in inventory / shop: from [F12] to [INS] or [CTRL] + [BACKSPACE].
    • Tiefling's Fire Ray talent's damage changed to: fire: 2d4 + 1 per 2 levels. Difficulty to dodge the effect now scales with the tiefling's level.
    • Companions who are separated from the player behind unexplored tiles no longer group themselves around the player after autoexplore finishes.
    • Removed device use checks from wands. Now using wands is always successful.
    • Fixed a bug where some possessed creatures like dragons could not open doors. All possessed creatures can now open non-locked doors.
    • Elixir of Cloning is dimmed in inventory if you already have a clone in your party. Cloning chambers won't clone you if one already exists.
    • Effects from sitting on a throne and drinking from a well now last longer.
    • New item: Scroll of Darkvision. This scroll enchants the currently equipped armor to grant the wearer darkvision of 7 tiles.
    • Added darkvision-property to some of the existing items: Shadow Dragon Scale Armor, Night Club, Nightbringer.
    • Renamed "Kit of Dimensional Anchor trap" to "Kit of Anchoring trap", and changed the effect to target only the creature that sprung the trap (was a level-wide effect previously).
    • Renamed "Kit of Necrotic Field trap" to "Kit of Withering trap", and changed the effect to target only the creature that sprung the trap (was a level-wide effect previously).
    • New trapkits: Acid, Sonic Burst.
    • Fixed a bug in field of view postprocessing: sometimes it revealed wall torches of unexplored areas.
    • Some new content, lore, and dialogue added.



    • TigerClawTV
      • Sep 2022
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      Website is giving me an error that the bandwidth has been exceeded.


      • Zorbus
        • Jun 2019
        • 61

        Originally posted by TigerClawTV
        Website is giving me an error that the bandwidth has been exceeded.
        Should work now.


        • TigerClawTV
          • Sep 2022
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          Originally posted by Zorbus
          Should work now.
          Thanks man. Ended up buying it on Steam. Good luck with your project!


          • Zorbus
            • Jun 2019
            • 61


            The game is now on sale on Steam, 25% off.

            There's a tournament with Amazon / Steam gift card prizes ($50, $25, $25) coming in December, see more at tournament.zorbus.net.


            • Zorbus
              • Jun 2019
              • 61

              June 2023 update is out. 25% off on Steam.
              • Some new options during character creation:
                • Spirited Learner is a talent that can be chosen only on the 1st experience level and only during ability adjustment. It costs 1 talent point.
                  • You might not be the smartest but you sure are spirited. You learn new things by hard work and sheer determination. With this talent, Spirit-ability is used for skill and talent point progression instead of Mind. Note that even with this talent, Magic- and Search -skills still retain Mind as their key ability, and all spell talents have a Mind requirement. Mind of at least 6 is needed to be able to read.
                • When using the point buy -system for ability scores, you can trade 5 points for 1 talent.

              • New talent: Bloodlust.
                • When you kill a creature with a melee or a ranged attack, your Stamina gets restored by 10% of your max Stamina, and you gain a temporary 1d4 point boost to your Body-ability for 11-20 rounds. The ability effect does not stack with other temporary ability effects. Half-orcs get this for free.

              • New talent: Holy Warrior.
                • Spiritual upbringing enables you to channel holiness to attacks against evil-aligned creatures. 1 point of holy-damage is added to melee and ranged attacks. The damage is increased to 1d2 once you reach experience level 12 and your adjusted Spirit-ability is at least 16. Only evil-aligned creatures are affected. Holy damage is doubled against most undead creatures. Stacks with holy damage from weapons and from temporary effects.

              • New talent: One with Darkness.
                • You have an extraordinary knack to be fully functional in complete darkness. You gain darkvision of 8 tiles, +3 to Stealth-checks when trying to remain unseen in darkness, +5 to perception checks to detect creatures in darkness, +5 to attack rolls against creatures that don't see you (stacks with the normal +10 bonus, also a bonus to score critical hits). When you score a critical hit, you do 25% extra damage (stacks with the base 50% extra from critical hits and extras from other sources). Can only be taken on the 1st experience level.

              • New talent: Veil of Darkness.
                • When activated, you emit a burst of darkness which extinguishes seen lightsources within 15 tile radius. Environment lightsources (torches, braziers, etc.) and lightsources carried by creatures are affected. Creatures whose lightsources are extinguished won't be able to relight them for a small duration (10-15 rounds).

              • Melee Elemental Damage / Ranged Elemental Damage talents: These now scale with experience level.
              • Stonesense talent: You'll get +1 to Search-checks when trying to detect secret doors, +2 to Search-checks when trying to detect living statues. Recruitable rogue saints (living statues) are stronger when you have this talent.
              • Changes to the companion list on the upper right corner:
                • Shows max 20 companions.
                • Added keys for commanding companions 10-20 individually.
                • Some of the commanding keys have changed!
                • INS or F11 toggles the list.
                • CTRL + INS or CTRL + F11 toggles the viewing of expendable companions (constructs, animated, summoned, charmed).
                • CTRL + number to command companions 1-10, CTRL + F1-F10 to command companions 11-20.
                • DEL or NUMPAD_0 to command all companions.
                • CTRL + DEL or CTRL + NUMPAD_0 to command all expendable companions (constructs, animated, summoned, charmed).
                • You can use mouse wheel up / down to hide / show the list.

              • Rogue saints are no longer counted as real recruits, they're grouped with golems as "constructs".
              • Companion options:
                • On the second page of a companion's character sheet are some options to control more of the companion's behavior. Currently just one: you can set an option that a companion won't animate or summon creatures.

              • New item: Orb of Nullifying.
                • This orb creates a nullifying field that removes a group of resistances from all creatures on the dungeon level for the duration of the effect. The nullifying affects randomly either physical (blunt, pierce, slash) or elemental (fire / cold / lightning / acid) resistances. Only one nullifying field can be active at a time.

              • Some changes and clarifications to critical hits:
                • A critical hit does 50% more damage. Affects all damage element types (physical, cold, fire, etc.).
                • Improved Melee Criticals and Improved Ranged Criticals talents add an extra 25%.
                • One with Darkness talent adds an extra 25% if the defender can not see the attacker.
                • If the defender is sleeping, critical hits do 100% extra damage, but this does not stack with above modifiers.

              • Some changes and clarifications to stealth:
                • If the defender can not see the attacker, the attacker gets a +10 attack bonus. One with Darkness talent adds an extra +5.
                • If the defender is sleeping, the attack roll for melee attacks is an automatic 20, ranged attacks get a +10 attack bonus.
                • After an attack made from a neighboring tile, an unseen attacker is always marked visible to the defender. For attacks made from distant tiles, a Search vs Stealth skill check is made to determine if an unseen attacker is seen. A spotted creature can move to a new position to try to gain stealth again.

              • Added some new mouse commands to the inventory screen: changing between companions, switch between equipment / inventory etc. These can be activated by left / right clicking the inventory list title bars. See tooltips for more info.
              • Creatures flash in blue when they heal themselves.
              • Good and neutral aligned creatures get 99 holy-resistance, making damage output in the log more consistent to other element types. Previously the holy-element was simply zeroed if the defending creature was not evil.
              • Fixed an inconsistency in logged damage calculations that occured when a creature died, so that the damage element calculations make sense. Previously you could see something like "...and kill it! (Blunt: 1 = 4 - res 1)". Now you'll see "(Blunt: 1 = 2 - res 1)"
              • Fixed a bug where the autosave wasn't deleted when the game was won. (thanks to Lights for mentioning)
              • Keybindings have changed. This release should automatically reset them to the defaults, but if it doesn't, do so from the keybindings menu.
              • The command "Toggle low health warning" in the WASD-keys -preset now defaults to CTRL+H. Previous CTRL+W was in conflict with "continuous walk to north".
              • Added 44 new Steam achievements for a total of 64. (thanks to ZeroAffex and Lights for ideas!)
              • Tutorial and PDF manual updated. PDF manual now has descriptions of all talents.
              • Small changes to sound effects.
              • The leaderboard has been reset. The old leaderboard is here: http://wins.zorbus.net/r58/.


              • Zorbus
                • Jun 2019
                • 61


                Recent changes: Changelog

                Now 30% off on Steam
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                • Zorbus
                  • Jun 2019
                  • 61


                  A 400+ page sketch art & lore book for the game. Art is AI generated, sketchy style.

                  Contents, more sample images, and a PDF download here:

                  Online flipbook:


                  • Zorbus
                    • Jun 2019
                    • 61


                    December tournament

                    Running from 27-Nov-23 to 31-Dec-23.

                    In this tournament anyone can win!
                    • $50 Steam / Amazon eGift Card for the ascended Overgod with the highest score.
                    • $25 Steam / Amazon eGift Card for the ascended God with the highest score.
                    • $25 Steam / Amazon eGift Card for the fastest ascension.
                    • $10 Steam / Amazon eGift Card for a wildcard winner each week.

                    The weekly wildcard winner is chosen randomly from all players who have played that week.

                    To make a wildcard entry, your character needs to level up to at least experience level 3, and have a higher score or more experience points than any of your previous characters during the tournament. Characters that reach the endgame are always included in the wildcard draw.

                    Wildcard prize can be won only once per player.

                    More info & rules here: tournament.zorbus.net


                    • Zorbus
                      • Jun 2019
                      • 61

                      Small update to 60.4
                      • Changes to the Morbid Fascination of Undeath talent:
                        • Stats of your undead companions get automatically boosted everytime you descend to the next dungeon level.
                        • You can not use any weapons or ammunition that does holy-damage.
                      • You can now trigger detected suspicious furniture to reveal themselves by firing at them from afar with a reach / ranged attack. The attack itself does not do damage. Worst quality of ammunition is automatically used. (Detected suspicious furniture is mostly mimics, living statues, and such, and is marked with a red "!" on the furniture)
                      • You can spring detected traps by firing at them from afar with a reach / ranged attack.
                        • Worst quality of ammunition is automatically used.
                        • Traps that affect a single creature do nothing when sprung from afar, but Animate, Confusion, Dismiss, and Summon traps are very usable.
                        • Expert Trapper gives a +4 bonus to hit the trap. The Seeker Shots talent can not be used to shoot at traps.
                      • Weapon changes:
                        • New property: shafted. Shafted weapons deal 50% more damage on hit when Charge talent is used. Polearms, spears, hoopaks, and urgroshs are shafted weapons, but staves are not.
                        • Urgrosh: removed great-property. Added reach- and shafted- properties.
                        • Hoopak: Added shafted-property.
                      • Charge talent description updated:
                        • "You take one step towards a target creature, and make a melee attack with +3 modifier. You will cause 50% more damage on hit if you are wielding a weapon with the shafted-property. The talent's action cost is used instead of the weapon's action cost. Polearms (bardiche, glaive, halberd, ranseur), spears (spear, shortspear, trident), hoopaks, and urgroshs are shafted weapons, but staves are not."
                      • You now get experience points from killing creatures while possessing someone.
                      • Companions now correctly use flasks (of poison, slime, etc.) when in regroup-behaviour.
                      • If the player leveled up before all of his companions had arrived on the map, then the companions not yet on the map didn't get the level up. Now after everyone has arrived on the level, a check is made to level up all companions up to the player's experience level.
                      • Some new pages to the game over / win menu:
                        • A kill count page with randomly positioned images of all killed monsters, a list of fallen companions, and a list of ascended companions. Only shown if applicable. Obituary files also have the fallen / ascended companions listed.
                      • Replaced the menu click sound effect file. It was an OGG file that mysteriously every now and then sounded a bit distorted, something you could hear with headphones at least. Replaced it with the same effect but in uncompressed WAV format.
                      • Some typos fixed.
                      Zorbus on Steam