Boots of speed in armory?

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  • Wrath
    • Jun 2024
    • 2

    Boots of speed in armory?

    I've been playing Angband versions off and on since Moria about 40 years ago, but just came back to try 4.2.

    My character just purchased boots of speed <+9> from the armory for 38K gold.

    Is that normal, or just lucky rng?
  • Wrath
    • Jun 2024
    • 2

    And of course, next trip down to the dungeon, found boots of speed <+7> lying on the floor. On an anxious good treasures level.


    • Nick
      Vanilla maintainer
      • Apr 2007
      • 9610

      That's just lucky
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      • Jbone
        • Mar 2024
        • 3

        I found boots of +8 speed in the armory on my last run, couldn't believe it lol So now I always make sure to stop by for a quick look.

        Imagine finding those early in a run o_o


        • Sky
          • Oct 2016
          • 2313

          I've never been happy about having high-power items in the regular, non-BM shops, but it's quite rare and it's not a lot different than finding the same as drops in the dungeon. Just yesterday i had a longbow of lothlorien as a ranger, but did not have the 11k needed to buy it. I tried to rush the dungeon for 7k worth of drops but ended up dying instead ...

          But i have otherwise occasionally found boots of speed - both high value, like +9, and low value, like +2 or +3, which is still very useful - and helms of ESP, sometimes i've had luck enough to get a weapon with ESP from the weaponsmith, and of course various potions of EXP and Aug from the BM.
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