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  • Clatch
    • Jan 2024
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    ToME 2 Restored

    First off, I want to tip my hat to those veterans among you who've been navigating ToME for over two decades. I, on the other hand, am not quite in that league.

    I recently got my hands on the newest version, directly from GitHub, and went through the whole rigmarole of compiling it. Right from the get-go, a couple of things struck me as peculiar. Take this for example: I was playing as a Wood Elf, but hand-to-hand combat was a no-go. That left me scratching my head.

    Fueled by curiosity, I dove back into the code's history, carefully tracing the breadcrumb trail of changes in the Git logs, searching for clues.

    Now, here's a bit about my setup: I use a laptop paired with a no-frills, condensed keyboard in my digital dungeon. So, when I'm deep into these games, roguelike key bindings are my bread and butter. But I stumbled upon a snag – there was this one command, stubbornly elusive until I switched to the standard command layout. For a game with a sea of keystrokes, second only to Dwarf Fortress, this turned out to be more than a small nuisance.

    So, what about my restoration saga? Well, I've got a theory. It seems to me that version 2.3.8-ah was the swan song of its era. After that release, the game started to morph with a slew of tweaks and changes to the gameplay. Around the same time, the Theme module got drafted into the repository, undergoing its own set of transformations. The Theme module that sits on GitHub today? It's a bit of a different beast.

    A couple of gems in this repository – the Theme and Fury modules – have been resurrected, almost like a digital time capsule, courtesy of the Way-Back-Machine, and they've been left untouched.

    One change that'll catch your eye is the mist effect in the Burrow Downs...
    Click image for larger version

Name:	9LrUn1v.png
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    And here's a nugget for the Roguelike aficionados: the key layout for the Roguelike keyset has been spruced up. For instance, invoking the Time of day is now done with ^V. This tweak was done to harmonize the command across both standard and roguelike key bindings.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	uDuM51r.png
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    Besides some minor adjustments to refine the roguelike keys and a single code tweak to ensure compilation on most systems, I've left everything else untouched.

    I don't consider this repository as a fork. Think of it more as a time capsule, a glimpse into the original gameplay of ToME, preserving it as a historical reference.

    So here's where this digital relic lives:

    Feel free to copy it, fork it, or do whatever pleases you with it...​
  • darwin
    • Jan 2024
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    People added 'ah' to AnonymousHero's (AH) tome2 to indicate it's his version (distinct from other versions like AmyBSOD's tome-sx) but if this is your own fork you should probably give it another name than 'ah' since you're not AH... I see you said it's not a fork though. I didn't notice past changes but this looks good.
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    • KiTA
      • Oct 2009
      • 22

      Maybe while development is active again, we can restore / reimagine the Alchemist and Runecrafer classes, or make them optional add-on modules or what have you. I always liked the different and methodical (some would say scummy/grindy) gameplay of those.

      Edit: Maybe using the Ring/Weapon/etc classes from other variants as a base to re-implement Alchemist et all. That would remove the extraneous items by making them an internal thing to Alchemists instead.
      Last edited by KiTA; June 12, 2024, 05:13.